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Frog With Fish Frog And Fish
The frog with the fish in its mouth (left) and out of its mouth (right). Copyright © Chin Fah Shin

A Fishy Frog Tale

THERE was something unusual about that frog out in the middle of the pond. It had just leapt out of the water onto a waterlily pad with something in its mouth. It looked like a fish.
 Being slightly short-sighted, I could not make out exactly what it was. So I viewed it through my camera viewfinder (my camera had a short telephoto lens on it). Yes, it was a fish, its tail sticking out of the frog’s mouth, wriggling slightly in the grasp of its jaws.
 Interesting! As far as I knew, frogs' diet consists mainly of insects. I think they also eat worms and slugs. But fish? I didn't know until then that they also take fish. I took some shots. The frog tilted its head backwards several times, as if trying

with difficulty to swallow the fish that had now proved to be definitely more than a mouthful.
 Wanting to get better shots, I began to swap the lens on my camera with a longer telephoto lens. Just then what I had hoped wouldn’t happen happened. The fish slipped out of the frog's mouth. It flipped and flopped a few times and then lay still on the lily pad.
 The frog, with mouth slightly agape for a moment, seemed dazed and sat there motionless. I took several shots of the amphibian with the fish lying beside it. I waited. Nothing more happened, and I continued to scout around the pond.
 It was at this lily pond that I had previously taken some photos of the Common Green-back (Rana erythraea) sitting on waterlily flowers and waiting for insects to fly by. They made pretty good

pictures, I thought, and I had gone back to the pond that morning for more photos.
 After walking around the pond, I could not find anything else worth snapping, and packed up to go. I checked on the frog that had tried to eat a big fish. The frog was no longer there. But the fish was still lying there on the waterlily pad, quite obviously dead by then.
 Not a particularly lucky day for me. No pretty pictures of the frog (Common Greenback) sitting on pink waterlilies. On the other hand, I got some unusual photographs of a frog that had caught a whopper (relative to its own size) and couldn't get it down the hatch. I thought it would make a story worth telling, but I wrote this account with some reservation. Just wondering what readers will make of this... a fishy tale that's just simply too hard to swallow?

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