Chin’s Butterfly Gallery
The Lime Butterfly
The Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus malayanus). Copyright © Chin Fah Shin.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

Papilionidae Subfamily Papilioninae ~ Tribes Troidini, Papilionini, Leptocircini | Pieridae Subfamilies Pierinae, Coliadinae | Nymphalidae Subfamily Danainae ~ Tribes Danaini, Euploeini; Subfamily Satyrinae; Subfamily Morphinae ~ Tribe Amathusiini; Subfamily Acraeinae; Subfamily Nymphalinae ~ Tribes Biblidini, Heliconiini, Nymphalini, Cyrestini, Limenitidini, Pseudergolini, Apaturini; Subfamily Charaxinae ~ Tribe Charaxini | Lycaenidae Subfamilies Riodininae, Poritiinae ~ Tribe Poritiini, Miletinae ~ Tribe Miletini, Curetinae, Lycaeninae ~ Tribes Polyommatini, Lycaenini, Aphnaeini, Theclini | Hesperiidae Subfamilies Coeliadinae, Pyrginae, Hesperiinae (based on Corbet & Pendlebury, 4th edition).