INTRODUCTION: This website consists of two main sections, an archive or depository of the articles on nature, mostly photo-essays, that I have written for various publications and a gallery of photographs of spiders that I have randomly taken over the years.
 You can access the articles by clicking on the "folders" numbered 1 to 7 in the left column. The articles are illustrated with lots of photos. Since space (on paper) is now no longer a constraint, I have included more photos here than those that were originally used with the articles.
 The photos are arranged in a mosaic of thumbnail images at the top of the page. Click on a thumbnail image and the larger photo opens in a new window. Close that window to return to the article.
 You can access the spider gallery by using the site navigation bar above. Spiders are good subjects for close-up photography. Since they can be found in nearly every type of habitat in Malaysia they are also quite easily available.
  At this point, I must admit that I am not an expert on spiders; my knowledge of these creatures is really limited. I just like to photograph them as nature close-up subjects. So, I will not go too much into the biology of spiders but will only share general information gleaned from various sources.
The spider that won
The Decorative Leucauge (Leucauge decorata)
~ the spider that inspired this website

 For identification and other information, I rely mainly on two books ~ An Introduction to the Spiders of South East Asia written by Frances and John Murphy and published by the Malaysian Nature Society, and A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders written by Joseph K.H. Koh and published by the Singapore Science Centre.
 Thank you for dropping by. Happy browsing!
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