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A trilogy of websites for nature lovers
THANK YOU for dropping in. This is one of three websites that I have built to share my indulgence in nature watching and nature photography with nature lovers around the world.
 Please see the brief descriptions above, and if you have the time, let me invite you to visit the other two sites which I have named Chin's Nature Corner (for a reason) and Chin's Butterfly Gallery.
 These websites were built over several years, one after another, in the later part of the 1990s after I have learned to code HTML from reading books. As soon as each one was ready, it was uploaded to a free web-host like Geocities, etc. All three websites were up and running on the internet for a good number of years.
 The 1990s... those were heady years, the halcyon days of the personal website author. When I had finished reading my HTML books and was ready to get down to work, there were already millions of webpages online dealing with nearly every imaginable subject.
 With the advent of the internet, Geocities, FortuneCity and other similar set-ups were giving free web space 24/7. It seemed to me then that every technologically advanced nation had at least one major free web-host.
 And we saw the rise of web authors, each with a story, hobby, or information, knowledge or experience to share with other netizens, and marketers with goods or services to sell also went online en masse.
 Then, one after another, the web-hosts that were giving free web space began to charge a fee for their service, and eventually most of the personal websites "dropped out" because their authors could not or would not pay. (Many web authors took to blogging when set-ups such as Blogger and WordPress and the erstwhile free web-hosts began to offer free blogsites.)
 My websites suffered the same fate. They were removed, and that prompted me to ponder long and hard over them. I felt it was really a letdown not to be able share the many photos that I have taken over so many years (several decades) and to share my deep appreciation for nature with other like-minded souls.
 So, I talked to my three children and enlisted their help to get my websites back onto the internet. I would leave the websites as a legacy to them and to nature lovers if they would maintain them for as long as they can. They agreed and so here we are, up and running on the World Wide Web again. Praise God! ~ CFS, 05-10-2018.
This page revised on October 5, 2018. Copyright © Chin Fah Shin.